Dear Anxiety, I FIGHT BACK!

I remember talking to one of my previous therapist and she said to me, “you’ll probably be on anxiety medication for the rest of your life.” I thought, “ok, well that feels pretty daunting.” She didn’t follow up the statement with any positive reinforcement or any list of skills or techniques that I could use to protect myself from this diagnoses of having both anxiety and depression. I felt so defenseless. I remember sitting in my car after the appointment and just crying my eyes out. 

One day several months later. I woke up so tired. I was tired of thinking, tired of just being tired, and I decided I didn’t want to feel bad for myself. Yes, I will probably be anxious for the rest of my life, but that does not mean that I have to suffer. There’s no reward for suffering. There’s no greatness in suffering. So I decided to get the help I needed. I decided to do what feels good to me!! Every day I grow stronger and stronger and I find new ways to COPE and deal with this illness. It’s not an easy battle but I’m never going to stop fighting!

p.s. You can’t beat someone who never quits. 

-A Pretty Girl With Anxiety

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